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Escape the mainland and find your own slice of paradise!

Whether you're on a romantic trip away to Darwin with your significant other, are away with friends, want the kids to have an unforgettable experience or are just a nature fiend, there is no better escape than spending a day (or few) at Crab Claw Island.

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Darwin in the Wet

One of the most notable aspects of Darwin in the wet season is the stunning displays of lightning that can be seen throughout the area. The storms that roll in during this time are truly a sight to behold, with lightning striking both on the horizon and directly overhead. While the rain can be intense at times, it's worth braving the elements to witness these natural spectacles.

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Capturing the Top End: Collaboration with Louise Denton

The Top End of Australia is a region renowned for its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant communities. Located at the northernmost tip of the continent, it's a place where the Outback meets the sea, creating a unique and captivating landscape that has fascinated travellers for generations. The H on Mitchell Hotel, nestled in the heart of this captivating region, is bringing the Top End's splendour to its guests in a way that's both striking and immersive, through a remarkable collaboration with local photographer Louise Denton.

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